The trustees of the Kennett Educational Foundation volunteer their time to support and conduct the business of the Foundation.  

Kristin McPherson | President
Jason Scherer | Vice-President
William Mowrer | Treasurer
Kay Collier
Don Collins
Marianne Dalton*
Charolyn Hilburn
Ada McHaney*
Will Mobley
Darlene Robertson | Grant Coordinator

Angie Folkes | Secretary & Ex-Officio Member
Chris Wilson | District Superintendent & Ex-Officio Member
Julie Lynn | School Board Representative & Ex-Officio Member

* charter member


Founded in 1995, the Foundation thanks the following for their previous service as a trustee:

Charles T. Brown*
Tom Cash*  
Bernice Crow
J.D. Faulkner*
Gerald Gamble*
Donna Nail* (Secretary & Ex-Officio Member)
Jane Oakley (Secretary & Ex-Officio Member
Melinda Russell*
William Welman*
Jeff Wheeler* 

* charter member